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  1. Aug 02,  · ARCHIVE – LIVE TO RIDE (MONO) August 2, Leave a comment. Motorbike in St Ives, Cornwall; 24 Apr Despite having ridden one (badly) in my misspent youth, I am not any sort of motorbike fan or petrolhead, but these details caught my eye as we headed down through St Ives towards the harbour.
  2. Oct 08,  · Mononucleosis (pronounced mon-o-nuke-lee-o-sis, or “mono” for short) got this nickname because people can pass it through their saliva when they kiss. Kissing isn’t the only way you can catch mono, though. What is mono? Mono is the name of an infection that is usually caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV).
  3. Casa Mono and its sister restaurant, Bar Jamón are located next to each other on Irving Place and 17th Street, just east of Union Square. Awarded three stars from The New York Times in and a Michelin Star in (and every year since), Casa Mono is a tapas bar-restaurant inspired by the coo.
  4. A mono-skier should have good upper body strength, balance and some trunk mobility. The mono-skier sits in a molded shell mounted above a single ski and uses two hand-held outriggers. The outriggers have short ski tips at the end and are used for balance and turn initiation. The design of the mono-ski allows the skier to use the ski dynamically.
  5. mitch ryder and the detroit wheels/take a ride sl () uk mono Detroit club act discovered by producer Bob Crewe and signed to his DynoVoice Records. Before the original combo started to dissolve they released three original albums and had three top ten 's on Billboard.
  6. A: Jenny Take A Ride! B: Baby Jane (Mo-Mo Jane) New Voice USA: Nov 7" 9: $7: Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels A: Little Latin Lupe Lu B: I Hope: New Voice USA: Feb 7" 9: Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels A: Break Out B: I Need Help: New Voice USA: May 7" 3: $ Mitch Ryder And The Detroit.
  7. Jul 02,  · Keep a look out for the identifying colors of each monorail train. Each train is marked with a series of colored stripes just underneath the window line on the outside. These colors include red, coral, orange, gold, yellow, teal, lime, green, blue, silver, black and peach, but you don't have to Views: 18K.

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