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  1. 'It's up to you' connotes some element of personal choice. 'It's down to you' has more of an implication of responsibility or duty.
  2. It’s Up to You. Share. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Skype WhatsApp Telegram Viber Share via Email Print. Vayeitzei - Part 1. The Kuzari - Part 6. Related Articles. The Nuclear Threat through the Eyes of Our Sages. September 17, Parshat Vayeitzei – Ascending the Ladder of Prayer.
  3. It’s Up to You! This DM year has been different in many ways! New DMs, new books, the dynamics of new groups these are all normal each year. But we’ve also had some 1st-time differences like studying two books of scripture and digital meetings due to COVID
  4. it’s up to you! シラけたヤツらに it’s up to you! ぶっ飛ばせ! it’s up to you! 枯れない欲望 it’s up to you! 冷めない夢を it’s up to you! 見せろよ! ホントはまだ憶えて いるはず ギラギラ燃えてた あの日を 決着つけなよ up to you! up to you! おまえに! up to you! おまえに.
  5. Quite simply, the player is always the " point man," and has the sole responsibility of accomplishing every task of significance. It's your responsibility to defuse that bomb, kill that monster, retrieve those documents, or take out that sniper: It's Up To You.
  6. It's up to you. And I walk in the dark and the candle burns Out of place your face is missing Come the day that you'll return My love and hope This moment stops in time The reason and the rhyme Inside. You can go where you got to go Wherever you lead I will follow I'm ready to be all you want me to.
  7. It’s up to you. As we are welcomed back into the Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts beginning this week, please remember that this is all new, for everyone, including and especially the Cast Members.
  8. Oct 10,  · It's Up to You: The Practice of Self-Reflection on the Buddhist Path Paperback – October 10, by Dzigar Kongtrul (Author), Matthew Ricard (Preface), Pema Chödrön (Foreword) out of 5 stars 29 ratings See all 11 formats and editions/5(29).
  9. it's up to you nghĩa là gì? một câu tiếng anh có nghĩa là điều đó phụ thuộc vào bạn, có thê rhieeur là tùy bạn, tùy cậu, tùy ấy câu này thể hiện người đối phương (you) là người có quyền quyết định, việc đang được nói đến sẽ như thế nào là do quyết định của.

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