Baby I Am So Glad

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  1. I am a stay-at-home mother and I don't necessarily use my degree in a traditional career but I am glad that my degree is out of the way. I hear so many mothers who say, "one day I will get my degree," or "one day I will be able to go back to college.".
  2. When a new baby is brought into the world, friends and families come from all over to flock over the the new bundle of joy. Here are some great baby congratulations message samples to get your inspired and encouraged with sharing your own words of encouragement and celebration. "50% mommy, 50% daddy, % baby (or baby's name)! Best wishes on the arrival of your new baby.".
  3. Aug 03,  · I am so glad I decided to celebrate it, times are different but everyone made yesterday so special for me. My friends/ family & @theimperialhotelcork staff .
  4. I'm So Glad I Met You Lyrics: Hey, hey, hey / Hey baby / I'm so glad I met you (Glad I met you) / Girl I betcha I'll never let you go, oh no / You're sweeter than a honeycomb (Glad I met you) / I.
  5. Feb 16,  · Al Green - I'm Glad You're Mine Album: I'm Still In Love With You Year: I just love how real the music was back then. Al Green always does a .
  6. Baby, I'm so glad you're here. Baby, I've got something to say, my dear. Baby, yeah. I'm just so glad you're mine. Whoa ho. Baby, why did it take so long. Whoa baby. Only made my love grow strong. Baby.
  7. Baby, I'm so glad you're mine And ever since the day you put my heart in motion Baby I realize that there's just no getting over you. And ever since the day you put my heart in motion.
  8. There are so many great moms here today. I especially admire the parenting skills of [mention a few people by name]. I am glad to have your example as I get ready to parent our little [boy, girl, or baby] in a few [weeks, months].

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